How do you quantify the Internet's economic impact?

The Internet has had a profound impact on commerce around the world, benefitting new and traditional industries alike. The Web, social media, online search, mobile apps, cloud computing, and countless other Internet technologies have facilitated cross-border data flows and trillions of dollars in economic activity. These technologies have made it easier for businesses of any size to find new customers, boost sales, increase productivity, and invest in innovation. At the same time, the Internet has lowered barriers to starting a new business and offers entrepreneurs unprecedented scale and resources.   

Companies are not the only beneficiaries–millions of developers, musicians, authors, and other types of creators can now instantly reach a global audience and make a living doing what they love thanks to the digital distribution platforms made possible by the Internet.

And consumers benefit from the increased choice, competition, and efficiency that the Internet promotes.

The purpose of this website is to demonstrate the Internet’s positive impact on markets, businesses, creators, and consumers by providing a single place to find many of the studies and reports quantifying its economic value. It also highlights in particular how Google’s products and services support regional economies.

The reports included on Value of the Web are organized by both topic and country. If you think an important study is missing or would like to share an idea about a new topic, please contact us at

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