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Over the past year Google has had a significant and beneficial impact on Australia’s businesses, consumers, and society as a whole.

In this 2015 study, AlphaBeta, examined the total economic impact of Google in Australia over the past year and broke it down into three components: business benefits, consumer benefits and societal benefits.

Google and its services have made significant contributions to Australian businesses. Over the past year, Google Australia supported $15.1 billion in benefits for business, and an estimated 840,000 Australian businesses connected with consumers through Google: mostly small businesses grew their consumer base through Google Search and Google’s AdWords, and content creators produced advertising revenue for their websites and videos through Google AdSense and YouTube.

Consumers also accrued benefits, including the average five minutes per day saved by around 15 million Australian Google search users when compared with offline research techniques. Similarly, over the past year, Google Maps saved the average Australian 13.5 hours on the road, 13 hours on public transport and 2.5 hours of walking. The value of these benefits created by Google was an estimated $14.8 billion. This study concludes that policymakers around the world should take into account the impact of consumer benefits when concerns about slow economic growth arise.

Google has also benefited Australian society as a whole through what are known as “spill-over benefits.”  Google provided approximately $75 million of in-kind advertising placements an estimated 500 Australian nonprofit organizations. Additionally, Google has positively impacted Australia’s environment. For example, Google helped to save over 600,000 tons of CO2 in vehicle emissions.